High-quality Egyptian oranges with a refreshing taste and natural sweetness. They feature vibrant color and thick skin, perfect for fresh consumption or natural juices. A product from Egypt, an agriculture marvel.


Fresh Egyptian lemons known for their zesty flavor and health benefits. They add a refreshing touch to dishes and beverages. In line with Egyptian farming traditions.


Fresh and succulent Egyptian mangoes with a sweet taste and smooth texture. Ideal for fresh consumption or adding to desserts and salads. A unique experience from Egypt.


Ripe Egyptian pomegranates bursting with flavor. Enjoy their delicious seeds as a snack or use them in various mouthwatering recipes. A product of Egypt, a love for food.


Peanuts are nutritious, affordable and have been a pantry staple for many of us for as long as we can remember. Regular consumption may also improve heart health, lower diabetes risk and promote a healthy weight.


Stylish Egyptian grapes with large and delicious berries. Loaded with nutrients, they make a healthy snack. Excellent Egyptian quality.


Ripe Egyptian avocados, low in fat, perfect for making guacamole and healthy salads. High-quality Egyptian produce that caters to refined tastes


Fresh and tasty Egyptian kiwis, packed with vitamins and fiber. Their irresistible flavor adds an exceptional touch to your daily meals. Egyptian farming excellence


Distinctive Egyptian guavas with a sweet flavor and smooth texture. Thoughtfully packaged to maintain freshness. Guavas from Egypt, moments of delight.


Fresh Egyptian strawberries known for their sweetness and superior quality. Ideal for fresh consumption or enhancing desserts and delicious recipes. Attract customers with their wonderful taste.

Onions (Red, Green, Yellow)

Colorful Egyptian onions offering deep and varied flavors to dishes. Available in both chilled and fresh varieties. Add an authentic Egyptian touch to meals.


Fresh Egyptian garlic known for its sharp flavor and strong aroma. Perfect for both Arabic and international cuisines. Premium Egyptian garlic.


Fresh Egyptian beans provide a delicious flavor and significant nutritional benefits. Enhance your daily meals with healthy Egyptian products.


A variety of fresh and nutritious Egyptian legumes. Add nutritional value to your daily meals. High-quality legumes from Egypt.

Egyptian Peas

Fresh Egyptian peas offering versatility in recipes. Known for their high nutritional value. Representing Egyptian farming traditions.